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This year’s RADIOPHRENIA will air “THE HAUNTED ROCK” radio production by nad spiro. RADIOPHRENIA is a temporary art radio station broadcasting intermittently from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow – a two-week long festival exploring current trends in sound and transmission arts. TUNE IN > RADIOPHRENIA SCHEDULLE The light at the end of the Dial 7th – 20th February, 2022


Nad Spiro celebrated 20 years of Spiro activity broadcasting radio mixtapes from her Dream Cell @ THE NEON HOSPICE during the Covid Pandemic days of isolation and lockdown (2020/2021)>> Spiro’s SND-FI Audio Archive was dissected and reassembled in THEMATIC RADIO SESSIONS: forgotten sounds + auditory hallucinations into the future… Remixed new and old tracks+ isolation work in progress. Streaming now on N Spiro’s Bandcamp>> here

spore spiro sq BLOOD XX bis

Channel FREQ presents Winter Solstice: a 12 hour broadcast from the sub-aether at Repeater Radio, with all manner of participants the likes of Ekoplekz, Thighpaulsandra, Philippe Petit, Bobby Conn & friends, Xylitol, Thomas Dimuzio… and Nad Spiro>> INFO >  CHANNEL FREQ>>>

LA PIEDRA EMBRUJADA/THE HAUNTED STONE (programa doble) @ Repeater Radio HALLOWEEN SPECIAL / Nad Spiro takes you on a sonic exploration across the Haunted Stone : PEDRERES/MONTJUÍC + SPANISH VERSION >> Lectura de texto a cargo de MIKE IBÁÑEZ /  Schedule > 

Special issue of the WIRE magazine on wireless transmissions : radio as a vital force of connection over the airwaves during pandemic times. Great to have contributed recently to some of these essential radio stations : Radio Relativa, The Neon Hospice, ResonanceFM, Radiophrenia… And honoured to get airplay for my pandemic album “Pedreres” on some of the broadcasting networks mentioned: NTS, NNW, Dublab…

Dark Outside FM coming soon > September  2021

ERASE YOURSELF” was the last show transmitted by THE NEON HOSPICE Radio on Sunday 06/06/2021 >>  This episode -part of the SPORE SPIRO series broadcast from nad spiro’s dreamCell- was the last show to finish the 1st phase of the station. The Neon Hospice has become a ghost satellite drifting in hibernation now. It will return in a very different transmission iteration.

MUTANT RADIO AS AN ART FORM  > stay tuned / Archive of previous shows >> HERE

Back on THE NEON HOSPICE to broadcast the English version of “Montjuïc – THE HAUNTED STONE” a remix of the “PEDRERES” album wiht fragments of MK Ibáñez’s text.

A sonic drift across the forgotten quarries of Montjuïc… Nad Spiro: spectral guitars & loops + production. Plus special guest voices: Atsuko Kamura, Ken Hollings, A. Scott Bolton, Rob Storey and MK Ibáñez. TUNE IN

A special radio piece about the PEDRERES album was broadcast on, with author MIKE IBÁÑEZ reading his text “Montjuïc, la piedra embrujada” (Spanish version) included on that album.

This radio show also aired : unreleased tracks – additional Montjuïc quarries/sounds unlocked – plus pandemic nights recordings >>> Produced by Rosa Arruti aka Nad Spiro. STAY TUNED : new transmissions coming soon.




New album _ PEDRERES (LP) _  Nad Spiro’s guitar invocations and sonic explorations through the lost quarries of Montjuïc  >> Release page >> Special vinyl edition co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records.

Stream sounds >>

SIRIUS SIGNALS @ Puerto de Valparaíso  – FESTIVAL ACÉFALO  –  november 9th – Acousmatic event: SIRIUS SIGNALS sonic diffusion over Valparaíso’s harbour space. Originally created by Nad Spiro in Cork, these fictional radiowaves and harbour sonics will be heard in Valparaíso / ghost speakers and spectral images provided by Acéfalo Team / ( XX Bienal Chilena de Arquitectura y Urbanismo )

Festival ACÉFALO 2017: concierto acusmático “SIRIUS SIGNALS” > “Ensamble de altavoces e imágenes fugaces asomando en el puerto de Valparaíso. Interacción Fantasmal entre Puertos”  :   Audio-Esfera portuaria  ( Cork – Valpo )/ NAD SPIRO

9 de noviembre : explanada del Parque Cultural de Valparaíso como parte de la XX Bienal de Arquitectura y Diseño – CHILE.


Imaginary radio signals and sonic fictions by Nad Spiro exploring the ether + harbour audiosphere /”SIRIUS SIGNALS” available on >> FARPOINT RECORDINGS (Ireland)

Hand numbered edition of 300 cds /fold out card booklet featuring special Artwork & Notes +info

Próximo directo en el festival LEM > 11 octubre – La Sedeta- Barcelona > consultar info programa > LEM .

Copias disponibles de nuevo disco SIRIUS SIGNALS
(Farpoint Recordings) recién llegadas de Irlanda.

One-off Spiro session for Alien Jams radio show on NTS Radio London. The podcast is now uploaded >> listen online >> New Spiro included in this mixtape.


HARBOUR AUDIOSPHERE – transmission codes, navigation narratives, signal stations and audio connections in the fog.

17 de diciembre : sesión en MEDIALAB – PRADO :  Madrid

Encuentro con Nad Spiro… audición + conversación + info >>> Última cita del año

RADIO AS AN ART FORM. Radiophrenia: temporary radio art station broadcasting across Glasgow. 87.9 FM. 29 Agst.-11Sept 2016

Featuring NAD SPIRO TRANSMISSIONS / Sirius Radio Waves >>> Imaginary signals from Cork’s Harbour (Sirius Arts Center) radio-fi


Thanks to ALIEN JAMS for broadcasting Spiro unreleased work from London’s NTS Radio station – 5th June 2016 show >>> listen >>> min.5:50

10 nov 2009, 19:30h – CCE MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay
14 nov 2009, 20:30h – CCEC CORDOBA, Argentina
20 nov 2009, 20h – Alianza Francesa de BUENOS AIRES, Argentina

+ actividades :16 oct 2009 Palacio Lloctinent, – pl del Rei,  Barcelona
SudamericaElectronica : extreme noise-extreme nature