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Monthly Archives: August 2016

RADIO AS AN ART FORM. Radiophrenia: temporary radio art station broadcasting across Glasgow. 87.9 FM. 29 Agst.-11Sept 2016

Featuring NAD SPIRO TRANSMISSIONS / Sirius Radio Waves >>> Imaginary signals from Cork’s Harbour (Sirius Arts Center) radio-fi



New previously UNRELEASED TRACK by Nad Spiro included in THE WIRE’s compilation CD: comes with the magazine’s August issue (390)- WIRE TAPPER 41


DREAMWASHED –  “Borrado Sueño Robado”. A lost Spiro song rescued by THE WIRE MAGAZINE compilation CD included in their August issue (390)- WIRE TAPPER 41

 NOW STREAMING on Sndcloud (Previously unreleased track)

Zarata Festival’s book+CD out now. ARRUTI COLUMN aka NAD SPIRO contributing one track of Guitar Blood.

Presentation Party : August 13 – BILBAO >>

Thanks to Miguel A. García: Zarata Selector . Eskerrik Asko Xedh