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New album _ PEDRERES (LP) _  Nad Spiro’s guitar invocations and sonic explorations through the lost quarries of Montjuïc  >> Release page >> pre-orders Co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records

Next release P E D R E R E S” will be out on April 2020 in a special vinyl edition co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records / T U N N E L GUITARS & S P E C T R A L  LOOPS / Album prepararions with a dream team : Marc Valls (artwork), Mark Beazley (guest bass)& MK Ibáñez (txt)… Full info coming soon



New Nad Spiro album release early next year, full details coming soon (special guest ?). Expect guitar blood : guitar explorations with fx pedals. SPECTRAL GUITARS with Tulpa overtones.

Sincere thanks to all broadcasters, djs and stations transmitting “Sirius Signals” >>  back on the air signalling across long distances >>

Krachwald, Sonic Imperfections, Adventures in Sound and Music, Club Integral, Alien Jams, Knee Deep, Atmósferas, Baja Frecuencia, Llums de Tumguska, Sounds and Emotions… / RADIOPHRENIA, Byte FM, ResonanceFM, RN3, Radio Pica, NTS … and Robin the Fog’s Foggy Favourites.


SPECTRA 2011 : 11S –  metalosis maligna – la biblia –  2083/hØrrØr ØslØ –  ufo&disinfo – atomic spy – chernobyl /radiofobia – astrokarate – escépticos eitb – strange attractor … & more

SPECTRA 11′ people : Mark Pilkington – Floris Kaayk – JG López Guix – Nad Spiro – Alex Z – MK Ibáñez  …

SPECTRA – a neoconsp meeting
Oct 26-27-28 -OctubreCCC –  Valencia
“VALLCARCA MON AMOUR” is an amateur film record of a vanished neighborhood in Barcelona, with buildings scheduled for demolition and human presence expelled. URBANICIDE, lost city, ghost city.
soundtrack  : Nad Spiro – image : La Dama De Vallcarca

Laboratorio Intr:Muros – 10 junio, 21:00h  –  Sevilla
NAD SPIRO : agente sónica
MK Ibañez : “ultraMental” una videosesión ultraBrutal


cartel AGente sonica(1)

5 dec. / 18:30 –  Xcèntric cinema – CCCB (Barcelona)
Jim Jennings – New York City short-films 16 mm.
+ Nad Spiro – live score (urban recordings. Bcn)

23 Nov. / 19:30 h / MACBA Auditori (BCN)
+ video : “Guten Morgen, Hose” short-opera (A Dorau & H Hiller, 1983)

+ post-concert bar & snds / info :

10 nov 2009, 19:30h – CCE MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay
14 nov 2009, 20:30h – CCEC CORDOBA, Argentina
20 nov 2009, 20h – Alianza Francesa de BUENOS AIRES, Argentina

+ actividades :16 oct 2009 Palacio Lloctinent, – pl del Rei,  Barcelona
SudamericaElectronica : extreme noise-extreme nature


20 Diciembre – NAD SPIRO (20:00 h)+ FELIX KUBIN  (21:00 h)
Edificio de La Alhóndiga – Z A M O R A – Ciudad Arte Pensamiento

16-17 Octubre – Presentación de SUDAMERICA ELECTRONICA 02 (CD -DVD) :
Proyecto de intercambio transoceánico (extreme noise-extreme nature)
ANTIGUA CÁRCEL PROVINCIAL DE SALAMANCA – DA2  con NAD SPIRO en directo (17 oct – 20:30 h.) plus Wilson Sukorski, Arbol, Yaco…

organised at FAUST Jean-Hervé Peron’s farm, this year AVANTGARDE FESTIVAL programme includes Nad Spiro, plus FAUST, NURSE WITH WOUND,DACH, Manami N, Black Carrot, Incite, Boy Division…. installations, film screenings … Schiphorst, Stormarn (Hamburg area) 4–6 July