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LA PIEDRA EMBRUJADA/THE HAUNTED STONE (programa doble) @ Repeater Radio HALLOWEEN SPECIAL / Nad Spiro takes you on a sonic exploration across the Haunted Stone : PEDRERES/MONTJUÍC + SPANISH VERSION >> Lectura de texto a cargo de MIKE IBÁÑEZ /  Schedule > 

Live at SONOSCOPIA  Porto /Portugal :

 25 setembro – concerto

NOVA MORADA : old building from early XXth century (formerly a music school) under renovations by the Sonoscopia team. Great to enjoy the old empty rooms and so many stories during my residency / + the garden : Jardim Sonoscopia (pic) / And Paraíso : basement bar + speakers area

Nad Spiro is recording absence capturing presence



I’ll be artist-in-residence at SONOSCOPIA  Porto /Portugal :

12 setembro – Nad Spiro em residência / 25 setembro – concerto

(+info coming soon) Sonoscopia Nova Morada >>

SONOSCOPIA nova morada.php

Special issue of the WIRE magazine on wireless transmissions : radio as a vital force of connection over the airwaves during pandemic times. Great to have contributed recently to some of these essential radio stations : Radio Relativa, The Neon Hospice, ResonanceFM, Radiophrenia… And honoured to get airplay for my pandemic album “Pedreres” on some of the broadcasting networks mentioned: NTS, NNW, Dublab…

Dark Outside FM coming soon > September  2021

ERASE YOURSELF” was the last show transmitted by THE NEON HOSPICE Radio on Sunday 06/06/2021 >>  This episode -part of the SPORE SPIRO series broadcast from nad spiro’s dreamCell- was the last show to finish the 1st phase of the station. The Neon Hospice has become a ghost satellite drifting in hibernation now. It will return in a very different transmission iteration.

MUTANT RADIO AS AN ART FORM  > stay tuned / Archive of previous shows >> HERE

“SILÉNCIATE” (audio) 17/5 > 28/5/2021  @  PUSTKA I CISZA /El vacío y el silencio/ Void & Silence sound exhibition VARSOVIA : Instituto Cervantes.

Exploring “Reality Studio” ideas > pre-recorded film/existence, soundtrack experiments, dissolving pre-recorded associations, disintegration (W.S. Burroughs) > + INFO >>

varsovia IC

PUSTKA I CISZA / El vacío y silencio / Void & Silence  >> EXPOSICIÓN SONORA – VARSOVIA : Instituto Cervantes

Muestra secuencial de cinco piezas de sonido relacionadas con el vacío, el silencio o el espacio. Cada dos semanas se presentará la pieza de un artista: FRANCISCO LÓPEZ, ROSA ARRUTI AKA NAD SPIRO, ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO, TRES y MARTYNA POZNANSKA.04/05/2021 – 04/07/2021  >> INFO

Kurator: Marcin Dymiter / Nad Spiro presentación >  “Silénciate”  17/05/2021

SONOTOPÍAS : “Paisajes sonoros habitados por raras músicas. Un espacio de 4’33” Café, dedicado a la difusión de música que nos gusta”. Su segunda entrega es un compilado que recoge la trayectoria de Nad Spiro. (Gracias 4’33”). Escucha aquí >>

SPORE SPIRO ” series on The Neon Hospice Radio >>  exploring 20 years of Nad Spiro sounds :  audio archive dissected and reassembled  in thematic sessions  >>  forgotten sounds +  auditory hallucinations into the future > Spore Spiro Sessions Archive >> HERE  …  Tune into The Neon Hospice >>


AUDIOSFERA / AUDIOSPHERE Exhibition (Sound Experimentation 1980-2020) seeks to constitute a large-scale contemporary art exhibition with no images or objects, focused only on sound works … facilitating experiential, profound and prolonged listening. MUSEO REINA SOFIA Madrid 14 October, 2020 – 15 February, 2021 / It includes one audio piece by NAD SPIRO (2012-15)

LIVE Nad Spiro @ AUDITORIO CIVICAN – Pamplona 12 DICIEMBRE – 19:30 / /  Actividad presencial >> PROTOCOLO COVID : registro 948 222 444

Feels odd announcing a live gig after such a long and weird interval… Fundació PHONOS Fall Festival : 2 Oct UPF Campus BARCELONA. Nad Spiro in the flesh.

Covid protocole > limited capacity : book your place in advance (compulsory). Expect a freezing atmoshere and feezing sounds …

Back on THE NEON HOSPICE to broadcast the English version of “Montjuïc – THE HAUNTED STONE” a remix of the “PEDRERES” album wiht fragments of MK Ibáñez’s text.

A sonic drift across the forgotten quarries of Montjuïc… Nad Spiro: spectral guitars & loops + production. Plus special guest voices: Atsuko Kamura, Ken Hollings, A. Scott Bolton, Rob Storey and MK Ibáñez. TUNE IN

Great to be part of The Neon Hospice transmissions, first session> 6 sept: ” SPARKS “. Expect some Sunday Radioactivity for you dear listener >> imaginary radio signals by Nad Spiro exploring the ether  / radio-fi / TUNE IN essential broadcast 2020 / 21:00 BST (Barcelona 22:00)

Previously unreleased Spiro track included in the series ISOLATION AND REJECTION (2020)out on the excellent label FRONT AND FOLLOW from Manchester. VOL. 3 is now streaming. Listen and read all the project info & line up. And buy a copy if you can (for a good cause)>>>

“Mental Gang” is part of present work-in-progress. Lockdown days >> new music soon.

THE WIRE 438 >> “These resonating washes of processed guitar are extremely evocative of a landscape created by industry and subsequently claimed by folklore. Even if the supernatural qualities of Montjuïc’s quarries remain uncertain, Pedreres leaves no doubt about their sheer eeriness” – Spenser Tomson. SPECTRUM CULTURE >> “Pedreres is meditative and uneasy listening, but it’s also densely layered and pleasingly slow to unfold its patterns and structures, rewarding and often unexpectedly beautiful” – Scott Wilson. TOUCHING EXTREMES > “We are left wandering inside the realms of sonorities that would perfectly fit in a lysergically active installation, minus the pills. Read More »

A special radio piece about the PEDRERES album was broadcast on, with author MIKE IBÁÑEZ reading his text “Montjuïc, la piedra embrujada” (Spanish version) included on that album.

This radio show also aired : unreleased tracks – additional Montjuïc quarries/sounds unlocked – plus pandemic nights recordings >>> Produced by Rosa Arruti aka Nad Spiro. STAY TUNED : new transmissions coming soon.



Análisis superdocumentado de Ignasi Moya en Cultura/s de LA VANGUARDIA (desde 1881) sobre “PEDRERES” LP :  ” Construcciones sonoras tan misteriosas como puedan serlo los espacios que evocan y las historias que esos espacios esconden… ”.  / “Sonic constructions as mysterious as the spaces they evoke and the stories those spaces hide…”.  Check out this article by Ignasi Moya, LA VANGUARDIA, Bcn (from 1881) >>>  MONTJUÏC EL SONIDO DE LA MONTAÑA




New album _ PEDRERES (LP) _  Nad Spiro’s guitar invocations and sonic explorations through the lost quarries of Montjuïc  >> Release page >> Special vinyl edition co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records.

Stream sounds >>

Next release P E D R E R E S” will be out on April 2020 in a special vinyl edition co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records / T U N N E L GUITARS & S P E C T R A L  LOOPS / Album prepararions with a dream team : Marc Valls (artwork), Mark Beazley (guest bass)& MK Ibáñez (txt)… Full info coming soon



ZARATA fest 2019 / edición MADRID / 27-28 sept Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Experimentación sonora y propuestas artísticas de difícil clasificación, incluida NAD SPIRO. Toda la programación >>>


LA TERRAZA MAGNÉTICA : transmisiones desde la azotea. Nad Spiro, ficción sonora en directo, al anochecer. La Casa Encendida, Madrid > programación ciclo de verano >>check>>

25/08/2019 Nad Spiro LIVE TRANSMISSIONS from La Casa Encendida’s roof terrace. SUNSET CONCERT








New Nad Spiro album release early next year, full details coming soon (special guest ?). Expect guitar blood : guitar explorations with fx pedals. SPECTRAL GUITARS with Tulpa overtones.

Vuelve ZARATA Fest! >>

Festival de música rara y afines // Musika bitxien eta antzekoen jaialdia // FESTIVAL OF WEIRD MUSIC AND THE LIKE

Check out 2018 bill, including Nad Spiro




Recordando a JM COSTA en MEDIALAB-PRADO :  Madrid 27 Oct. Participando en una intensa cita >> IN MEMORIAM JM COSTA

costa pixelado Medialab

Trobada de flâneuses, AUDIO_City!

KAMURA OBSCURA / NAD SPIRO live @ Convent St. Agustí – Barcelona – 18 maig > info >>