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L’IMPORTANT> A soundtrack in search of a film

In this fictional soundtrack, Nad Spiro evokes a solitary space drift aboard a missing spaceship: L’Important. Side B is a collection of lost low-fi songs by cosmonaut Nadia Spier, consisting of some suggestive tracks by way of transcriptions of secret tapes.

Spiro presents a CD with stunning accompanying foldout cover including drawings & a short story by Zane Speer (L’Important, 1984), photographs by Joan Fontcuberta (Secret Fauna, Sputnik…) and artwork by Marc Valls. Ferran Fages does the mastering and Ken Hollings supervises the story translation. With MK Ibáñez on charge of logistics & pOp cOntrol. Star crew.

Nad Spiro : L’Important  – Released by GaSaG © 2022  

Limited edition of 100 CDs + artZine  (gsg05)

Digital album available on Bandcamp

Cassette release (100 tapes) by Crystal Mine (ref nº 100)

Lift off date: 8 April 2022

All formats available now >>