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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Feels odd announcing a live gig after such a long and weird interval… Fundació PHONOS Fall Festival : 2 Oct UPF Campus BARCELONA. Nad Spiro in the flesh.

Covid protocole > limited capacity : book your place in advance (compulsory). Expect a freezing atmoshere and feezing sounds …


Back on THE NEON HOSPICE to broadcast the English version of “Montjuïc – THE HAUNTED STONE” a remix of the “PEDRERES” album wiht fragments of MK Ibáñez’s text.

A sonic drift across the forgotten quarries of Montjuïc… Nad Spiro: spectral guitars & loops + production. Plus special guest voices: Atsuko Kamura, Ken Hollings, A. Scott Bolton, Rob Storey and MK Ibáñez. TUNE IN

Great to be part of The Neon Hospice transmissions, first session> 6 sept: ” SPARKS “. Expect some Sunday Radioactivity for you dear listener >> imaginary radio signals by Nad Spiro exploring the ether  / radio-fi / TUNE IN essential broadcast 2020 / 21:00 BST (Barcelona 22:00)

Previously unreleased Spiro track included in the series ISOLATION AND REJECTION (2020)out on the excellent label FRONT AND FOLLOW from Manchester. VOL. 3 is now streaming. Listen and read all the project info & line up. And buy a copy if you can (for a good cause)>>>

“Mental Gang” is part of present work-in-progress. Lockdown days >> new music soon.