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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Trobada de flâneuses, AUDIO_City!

KAMURA OBSCURA / NAD SPIRO live @ Convent St. Agustí – Barcelona – 18 maig > info >>



AUDIO-PROMENADE with headphones > Montjüic route over the harbour (Barcelona) listening to Sirius Signals CD.

AUDIO RUTA RECOMENDADA para Sirius Signals CD / Sesión psicogeográfica por Monjüic (ladera puerto).

Noise-cancelling headphones needed due to noisy traffic activity oops. Next route proposal : nocturnal version / audio ruta crepuscular.  



Sincere thanks to all broadcasters, djs and stations transmitting “Sirius Signals” >>  back on the air signalling across long distances >>

Krachwald, Sonic Imperfections, Adventures in Sound and Music, Club Integral, Alien Jams, Knee Deep, Atmósferas, Baja Frecuencia, Llums de Tumguska, Sounds and Emotions… / RADIOPHRENIA, Byte FM, ResonanceFM, RN3, Radio Pica, NTS … and Robin the Fog’s Foggy Favourites.


Nice sequence in this gallery of female music explorers (by Metrópolis – rtve)

Check out >>>