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atomic bandcamp   ATOMIC  SPY  (2012) Geometrik-GaSaG  (digipack)

Atomic Spy’s sound-fictions explore further a world of shadows and  uncovers hidden and twisted sounds :  electronic spells occupying your attention. Tags : carpark conspiracies  _ lost cities _ secret accidents_ body invasion _ auditory hallucinations _  ghost melodies

Art work:  RENAU _ “Descansen en pau…” photomontage  (1956)

posterMini  TINTA INVISIBLE  cd (Geometrik, 2007)

SONIC CAMOUFLAGE :  As we have come to expect from Nad Spiro, Invisible Ink beggars label or  description. Perhaps what these seductive, indecipherable messages we hear really are is internal communications. SPIRO goes one step  further stretching the sonic reach of her guitar; with her we discover new magnetizing horizons of electronics, drawn by deeply narcotic cadences.

emma mid FIGHTCLUBBING cd (Geometrik, 2002)

…/secret files/secret dreams disclosed: emotional data, deep frequencies
new sound fictions /…  files, searches, actions, agent spiro prepares her recordings in studios assembled and cleared time and again.

CÁMARA VS. ENEMIGOS DE HELIX (Geometrik, 2000) CD. Lengendary first Spiro album


plus :

_hz 084 a

nadia spier vs. nad spiro

“eXtensions of you” (Artprint + CD) GaSaG,  2014

discogs xcity

“XcentriCity” sountrack box, GaSaG (2013)

artist designed box + cd

orgasm front

ORGASM FORMULA – nadia spiro

 digital single (2015)


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