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FRONT & FOLLOW> Isolation & Rejection vol.3

Previously unreleased track included in the series> ISOLATION & REJECTION  Front & Follow (Manchester)


SPIRIT OF GRAVITY: Elliptical Orbits

second compillation of artists appearing at Brighton’s Spirit of Gravity> info> SOG  . Featuring Collective members along with fellow travellers… like NAD SPIRO (THE SCOPE, Brighton 2015). 26 tracks including Stephen Mallinder, 55th Flotilla, minimal impact, Kieran Mahon…


MY CAT IS AN ALIEN + nad spiro

“La casa encendida” (live) , Sloow tapes C60 (2017)

live collaboration by MY CAT IS AN ALIEN and NAD SPIRO / “LA CASA ENCENDIDA” CS60 with introductory words by MK IBÁÑEZ >>Limited to 100 copies >> “Another blast from the alien void” info >>



Tapper 41 – cd (august 2016)

Compilation CD given away with The Wire magazine – print issue 390 – August 2016 – featuring 20 international artists. Including Nad Spiro.

From Here to Tranquility vol.7 (2016)

Silent Records celebrating 30th anniversary

VARIOUS ARTISTS : – Digital download featuring 24 ambient artists (Light Side + Dark Side), released by the seminal San Francisco label on the occasion of its 2016 reboot. Check out roster of legendary sonic explorers: Ethernet, Mike Rooke, Scanner, Yui Onedera, Jack Hertz >>>

Zarata Fest  :  book+cd   (2016)

Libro de 247 págs. ilustrando historias y sonidos de Zarata fest. Incluye CD : baba llaga . dario maratilla . seijiro murayama . arruti column … loty negarti . a=b . oier iruretagoiena . al karpenter. basterrak & tzesne … elbis rever . magmadam . kakofunk ensemble…  + créditos  >>> Coordinado por Miguel A. García >>

The Laptop And Electronic Music

Contemporary Music Review vol 22 part 4  (2003) uk  – Magazine + CD

Featuring :  Merzbow vs. Kim Cascone, o/R (R.Chartier/Nosei Sakata),  Kotra,  Steinbrükel,  Taylor Dupree,  Nad Spiro aka Rosa Arruti,  Andrey Kiritchenko, Coeval, Jason Kahn, Domenico Sciajno, Tad Turner, Toshimaru Nakamura .   Compiled by Kim Cascone

 Avantgarde Festival 08 : cd-vcd

4 – 6 July ( 2008 ), Schiphorst

Nurse with Wound, Faust, DACH, Black Carrot, Nad Spiro, Stahl Quartett, Boy division, Barbed & Hester Schofield, Manami, The Grand Erector, 13th monkey … ..
Guests musicians and live recordings from the Avantgarde-Festival in Schiphorst,  from 4-6th of July 2008 –   Germany

10x1x2x30 – various artists

techNOH thirty (2002) uk

A celebration of techNOH’s second anniversary and its thirtieth release: a single 10 minute composition constructed from 10 individual minute long pieces, written and performed, in order of appearance, by:
Stephan Mathieu, Chris Dooks, Alistair Crosbie, Nad Spiro, Brian Lavelle, K.M. Krebs, Kim Cascone, Tobias Kazumichi Grime, Alain Jans and Sony_Mao.

label: techNOH uk

Sudamérica Electrónica II –

2DVD+CD (2008)   [suda 0002] compilado

extreme noise – extreme nature

compilado  :  Ferran Fages , Christian Proaño, Nicolás Varchausky, Druhb , Nad Spiro , Yamil Burguener, Vitor Joaquim , Rogelio Sosa , Rubén García, Leonel Kaplan+Ricardo Arias , Emiliano Hernández-Santana , Durán Vázquez , @c , Christian Dergarabedian, Livio Tragtenberg