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collaborative works :

JIM JENNINGS  16mm films – XCENTRIC cinema – CCCB


MY CAT IS AN ALIEN +Nad Spiro trio – live collaboration + release

cassette release on >> Sloow tapes

THE ASTERISM AKA MARK PILKINGTON – Nad Spiro joined Mark Pilkington on the roof terrace of La Casa Encendida for a concert during the Marcianadas program -summer 2015 . Calling all aliens.

DARK   OUTSIDE F M  – Sound Artist Frenchbloke curates 24 hours of previously unheard music donated exclusivly for this project by the electronic music scenes most innovative artists

DIVINE AGENCY  –  guitar part on new record by chanteuse Florence Raynaud (producteur: Rob Storey) >> listen “Singes” via >> DIVINE AGENCY

KIM CASCONE+NAD SPIRO duo live Plazafestival (Arteleku) 06/ 2003

SOFIA JACK  –  soundtracks for Sofía Jack animations: “Cebra Blanca” and “Casa B-300/Embarcadero”

pOp EyE SpY –  Nad Spiro + Mk Ibañez ‘s Radiation Unit / Sci-Fi in Hi-Fi / Remote Mind-Control Sounds >>> listen here

S P E C T R A –   Nad Spiro was  part of the SPECTRA team: a symposium on conspiracy subculture taking place in Valencia – spain /  Audio events section.

EMITER – project by polish musician Marcin Dymiter – contribution by Nad Spiro to cd : #2:static

PSI PORTS –  guitar duo  transforming harbour areas in a scenary for electroacoustic transit  during their performances taking place exclusively in ports . Errol Laguna & Laguna Lorre. One of  rosa arruti’s  projects during the late 90’s

VICTOR SOL + KRISHNA GOINEAU – recording guitar sessions for unreleased album

Spec Op – live explorative audio with Alain Wergifosse

U N D E R     C O N S T  R U C T I O N