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“PEDRERES” COVID RADIO PLAY:  A quarantine classic…  … .. . (airplay> BBC6sounds, Radio Relativa, The Neon Hospice, ResonanceFM, Radiophrenia… NTS, NNW, Dublab, Tesla FM, Repeater Radio… )

SIRIUS SIGNALS album : sincere thanks to all broadcasters, djs and stations transmitting “Sirius Signals” :  back on the air signalling across long distances >>>

Krachwald, Adventures in Sound and Music, Club integral, Sonic Imperfections, Alien Jams, Knee Deep, Atmósferas, Baja Frecuencia, Llums de Tumguska, Sounds and Emotions, RADIOPHRENIA… and Robin the Fog’s foggy favourites !

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P R E S S   / reviews (english) :

THE WIRE – issue 438  August 2020 – “(Pedreres)… introduces a guitar style that stutters and chimes, like a fragmented and warped Ennio Morricone soundtrack…  These resonating washes of processed guitar are extremely evocative of a landscape created by industry and subsequently claimed by folklore. Even if the supernatural qualities of Montjuïc’s quarries remain uncertain, Pedreres leaves no doubt about their sheer eeriness.   Spenser Tomson  –

SPECTRUM CULTURE –  Pedreres is meditative and uneasy listening, but it’s also densely layered and pleasingly slow to unfold its patterns and structures, rewarding and often unexpectedly beautiful”.   Scott Wilson (Pedreres LP) 2020

TOUCHING EXTREMES – “We are left wandering inside the realms of sonorities that would perfectly fit in a lysergically active installation, minus the pills. A conscious observation of the intrinsic possibilities of unusually splintered timbres eventually leads to the osmotic absorption of their very transfiguration”.   Massimo Ricci (Pedreres LP) 2020

LA VANGUARDIA – ” Construcciones sonoras tan misteriosas como puedan serlo los espacios que evocan y las historias que esos espacios esconden… ”. / “Sonic constructions as mysterious as the spaces they evoke and the stories those spaces hide…”. Ignasi Moya  2020 – Pedreres

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THE WIRE Magazine (UK)

Arruti is responsible for some essential uncanny transmissions and chilly vignetes that certainly fit the hauntological bill. Sirius Signals would in fact be an ideal enhancement to any long, dark, lonesome night of the soul.  (Sirius Signals CD)  J. STANNARD , nov. 2017


This is electronic music as it should be. It uses the full potential of technology to create something bright, shiny and new, but is suffused with a warmth and a sense of discovery that keeps the human element very much to the fore…   The album is alive with propulsive electro rhythms, shiny synth melodies and swirling psychedelic irruptions: THE MUSIC OF THE FUTURE, IF EVER I HEARD IT.  (ns vs.enemigos de helix CD)  RICHARD REES JONES

THE SOUND PROJECTOR ( UK) …   In an extremely precise manner, she weaves psychologically unsettling dramas which execute themselves with the deathly accuracy of a 1940s suspense movie – indeed the high-contrast photography of a film noir would seem an apt keynote for this whole album, with its mysterious jet-black shadows. This particular mesmerising outing has a vaguely “urban” theme, all eight tracks linking to suggest the narrative of a journalist or private eye who is tormented by unknown terrors in the city, including ghostly voices emanating from the old-fashioned valve radio set. The nocturnal mood and story are enhanced by the very strong cover image, a photo-collage by the artist Josep Renau which resembles a Weegee news photograph going horribly wrong. (Atomic spy cd)   ED PINSENT

Armed of her guitar and voice, Arruti modifies spaces and ambiences in a very personal way, distorting any meaning and helping the birth of atmospheres and lucid nightmares that bring a subtle tension and never accomodate the listener to something expected. … HERE’S A WOMAN WE ALL HAVE TO KEEP OUR EYES ON FOR THE FUTURE OF UNCONVENTIONAL MUSIC!  ( Fightclubbing cd) MASSIMO RICCI

AmbiENTRANCE   (USA)      …   As always, I’m pleased when feminine  explorers do their thing… and with Nad Spiro’s Fightclubbing, I’m also quite impressed. Nice, if pleasurably cryptic, work. Weird, yet sensually alluring. DAVID J OPDYKE

NEURAL (Italia)
Dark, twisted, cerebral resonances filled with electronic retreats and industrial audio emergencies… the naration proceeds with connotations of nighttime and hyper-metropolitan surroundings, as if searching for the synthetic and the inorganic, i a manner reminiscent of Ballard novels. (Atomic Spy cd) AURELIO CIANCIOTTA

IGLOOmag (California)
In what could only be described as a patently perfect offbeat adventure comes Nad Spiro in a series of minimal surprise. This record reminds me of the first time I heard Noto on the long gone Plate Lunch label, this is one of those rare recordings that brings together all of my personal interests from dalliances in everyone from Cabaret Voltaire to Schlammpeitziger, besides establishing some new ground. IT MAY STILL BE THE RECORD OF THE YEAR TO ME. (Fightclubbing cd) TJ NORRIS

… this is one creeping study in paranoia that doesn’t know its strength!  Not surprisingly Arruti recently collaborated on a production project with Kim Cascone, who is not only the founder of Silent Records but also sound designer for David Lynch. (Fightclubbing cd)  KEN HOLLINGS

… The music is  built on guitar experiments, samplings and Rosa Arruti’s trance inducing spoken vocals, propulsive electro rhythms and swirling psychedelic irruptions that give some kind of ritualistic atmosphere to the album. A weird and quite beautiful sound experience.  NIELS MARK PEDERSEN

DE:BUG – Berlin
… Slow sound-carpets that often get accompanied by voices from far away are centered along the parameters of melancholy and subconsciousness and they do create a feeling of exaltation or ‘being-on your-own’. Her laidback treatment of feelings might get labelled as abstract songs (Liedgut) that are unique in its cranky manner full of ideas. (Invisible Ink cd)  PAUL PAULUN

GIAG   Riga
Nad Spiro’s (a.k.a. Rosa Arruti) tracks are mostly drifting hallucinatory washes of sounds, with some nice intoned “Poetry”. It’s the washes of cloudlike drones that dominate the proceedings, sometimes hovering threateningly, sometimes floating dreamily. This album is stimulating future electronic music exquisitely played and realised. A WINNER. (Fightclubbing cd)  MERJE LõHMUS (a.k.a. Mad Sister)

Live NTS radio (LONDON)
“One of our favorite musical discoveries of the year” AWKWARD MOVEMENTS: Xmas radio show 23 dec. 2012 (Atomic Spy CD)

A definite highlight this week came from electronic music creator Nad Spiro aka Rosa Arruti. Recorded on her guitar using analogue and digital FX, ATOMIC SPY balances an eerily-raw industrial vibe with minimal electronic sound scapes that are properly captivating listening material. Atomic Spy is the full length CD that we’re currently hyping on big time.  Keith.  AWKWARD MOVEMENTS  blog