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Underground musician Rosa Arruti has worked for many years under the anonymous alias NAD SPIRO, a solo venture where complex processed guitars are built into a world of electronic textures and sound fictions. Her recordings have been released on the pioneering Spanish experimental label GEOMETRIK RECORDS. Member of some of Barcelona’s cult underground bands (MohoChemie, Tendre Tembles, Psicópatas del Norte…) she has collaborated with other experimentalists like Kim Cascone or My Cat is an Alien.

Nad Spiro’s music and sounds have been presented at international festivals of advanced music :

Avantgarde, Hamburg, 2008
Avant Fest, Cork, 2012
SONAR, Barcelona, 2000
Fuga Jurásica, Buenos Aires, 2007
Rotterdam Cultural Capital, 2001
Experimentaclub+Limb0, Montevideo, 2009
Where’s the Love, Lisboa, 2005
Sounds from a Safe Harbour, Cork 2015

Bienal de Arte de Zamora, 2008
Musica Ex Machina, Bilbao, 2002
Nonologic, Barcelona, 2010
Arte-Oído, Madrid, 2012
Off-Hz, Valencia, 2014

apart from dazzling museums like Guggenhein-Bilbao, Museo de Ciencias Naturales-Buenos Aires or Caixa Forum-Madrid … she finds her element in the alternative European circuit, @ legendary venues like Stubnitz Motorship (Rotterdam 2001), Hör Bar (Hamburg), Zdb (lisboa), Extrapool (Nijmegen), Faust’s Farm (Schiphorst) or London’s Club Integral.

thanks MK IBAÑEZ  for spectral images on this site