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Category Archives: Pedreres LP

LA PIEDRA EMBRUJADA/THE HAUNTED STONE (programa doble) @ Repeater Radio HALLOWEEN SPECIAL / Nad Spiro takes you on a sonic exploration across the Haunted Stone : PEDRERES/MONTJUÍC + SPANISH VERSION >> Lectura de texto a cargo de MIKE IBÁÑEZ /  Schedule > 

Back on THE NEON HOSPICE to broadcast the English version of “Montjuïc – THE HAUNTED STONE” a remix of the “PEDRERES” album wiht fragments of MK Ibáñez’s text.

A sonic drift across the forgotten quarries of Montjuïc… Nad Spiro: spectral guitars & loops + production. Plus special guest voices: Atsuko Kamura, Ken Hollings, A. Scott Bolton, Rob Storey and MK Ibáñez. TUNE IN

A special radio piece about the PEDRERES album was broadcast on, with author MIKE IBÁÑEZ reading his text “Montjuïc, la piedra embrujada” (Spanish version) included on that album.

This radio show also aired : unreleased tracks – additional Montjuïc quarries/sounds unlocked – plus pandemic nights recordings >>> Produced by Rosa Arruti aka Nad Spiro. STAY TUNED : new transmissions coming soon.



Análisis superdocumentado de Ignasi Moya en Cultura/s de LA VANGUARDIA (desde 1881) sobre “PEDRERES” LP :  ” Construcciones sonoras tan misteriosas como puedan serlo los espacios que evocan y las historias que esos espacios esconden… ”.  / “Sonic constructions as mysterious as the spaces they evoke and the stories those spaces hide…”.  Check out this article by Ignasi Moya, LA VANGUARDIA, Bcn (from 1881) >>>  MONTJUÏC EL SONIDO DE LA MONTAÑA