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AUDIO-PROMENADE with headphones > Montjüic route over the harbour (Barcelona) listening to Sirius Signals CD.

AUDIO RUTA RECOMENDADA para Sirius Signals CD / Sesión psicogeográfica por Monjüic (ladera puerto).

Noise-cancelling headphones needed due to noisy traffic activity oops. Next route proposal : nocturnal version / audio ruta crepuscular.  


SIRIUS SIGNALS @ Puerto de Valparaíso  – FESTIVAL ACÉFALO  –  november 9th – Acousmatic event: SIRIUS SIGNALS sonic diffusion over Valparaíso’s harbour space. Originally created by Nad Spiro in Cork, these fictional radiowaves and harbour sonics will be heard in Valparaíso / ghost speakers and spectral images provided by Acéfalo Team / ( XX Bienal Chilena de Arquitectura y Urbanismo )

Festival ACÉFALO 2017: concierto acusmático “SIRIUS SIGNALS” > “Ensamble de altavoces e imágenes fugaces asomando en el puerto de Valparaíso. Interacción Fantasmal entre Puertos”  :   Audio-Esfera portuaria  ( Cork – Valpo )/ NAD SPIRO

9 de noviembre : explanada del Parque Cultural de Valparaíso como parte de la XX Bienal de Arquitectura y Diseño – CHILE.


Big thanks for airplay of EXTENSIONS OF YOU vol.1
links >>>
REWIRED /The Wire magazine’s daytime adventures on air.
THE SOUND PROJECTOR 23-01-2015 Radio Show
AWKWARD MOVEMENTS on NTS radio station.
CLUB INTEGRAL RADIO SHOW on Resonance FM (<donate)
ALIEN JAMS – 2014 last show of the year!
New album : “EXTENSIONS OF YOU – VOL.1”
Audio City: remixes and reinterpretations
front gry
 Limited edition Artprint + CD available from GaSaG.
Out 14/11/2014
Physical recordstore + distro: Rotor/Geometrik
Exclusive digital release in partnership with Hazard out soon
New release full details coming soon :- EXTENSIONS OF YOU vol.1” – NADIA SPIER VS NAD SPIRO .
Finishing touches by Mark Beazley in London (mastering) and Marc Valls in Bcn (artwork).
Preview exclusive track “Spiare:Maneuver Remix” new youtube version HERE