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“I will contact you”

Nad Spiro‘s spectral presence in experimental music is not easy
to track.
Activity detected in recent years under this anonymous alias
is associated with Rosa Arruti’s solo production.
Evidence of the artist past work appears in hazy reports
about cult underground ventures.
Back catalogue intentionally elusive


. . .

Nad Spiro en Madrid

nad spiro 2019 live @ la terraza magnética (pic by j callejo)

guitar heroine

nad spiro live (pic by clara carbonell) 2014

silu local













SETOPU~2 (2)

psi-ports (barcelona’s harbour, 1997)

mohochemie comuniqué txik

mohoChemie poster  1995


pOp Eye Spy 2001

falsos pseudoides txiki

“los falsos pseudoides” : zane speer (ed. Kalahari) 1996

TT k7 txiki

tendre tembles cassette and poster

tendre tembles poster 1 txiki txik

los psicópatas del norte :

psicopatas poster txiki

. . .