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DARK OUTSIDE FM 2014: 24 hours transmission of unheard music, on air @ GALLOWAY FOREST DARK SKY PARK, Scotland – 27th sept.  Unheard Spiro sounds also transmitted, bring your portable radio. (Curated by Frenchbloke)

Haunted San Sebastian: VILLA ALOHA under refurbishment by new owners. No trace of OVERGROWN IVY in the house where cult local filmmaker IVAN ZULUETA was born, lived and worked… Personal typographies visible now – predictably destroyed soon. //Watching+listening “A MAL GAM A” (I. Z. super-8, 1976)
aloha type min
Chance encounter in Montjuïc with HOWLROUND before their show in Barcelona. Read ROBIN THE FOG ‘s epic report here>>>  Perfect ending to intensive sonic work this summer on the urban slopes of the magic hill.  Satalia Residency
Resonance FM : The Club Integral Radio Show 28/05/14 with guest Atsuko Kamura in the studio. Also extracts from Nad Spiro’s live recording @ The Others, London 03/10/13


Vinyl printing (3LP) of unreleased experimental sounds from Barcelona (70’s & 80’s): “CIUDAD SECRETA” out now with international distribution (Munster). Includes two bands featuring teenage Rosa Arruti on guitar: Tendre Tembles and Los Psicópatas del Norte >>
Randomly paired audio and video @ The National Sculpture Factory, CORK , Ireland – 2dn may 2014.
Playlist icludes a new Nad Spiro piece


LA GALLERA’s magic : extreme fightclubbing grand finale evening … .. . Nad Spiro captured by Clara Carbonell’s camera at off _Hz Valencia 12/04/2014 .
guitar heroine

Nad Spiro  playing @ La Gallera, a three-storey building from 1870 with a dodecagon structure, originally a site for cockfights . Valencia off_Hz




fightclubbing evening

03/march ALIEN JAMS/NTSLondon: coil – eMMplekz – perc – spiro… listen >>>
25/march VÍA LÍMITE (JM Costa) RNE 2: women+guitars …
listen >>> >>


Winter’s midpoint superstitions and weather proverbs while storm surges smash San Sebastian … a soundtrack for Feb.2nd – ALIEM JAMS @ NTS RADIO London, tracklist featuring Nad Spiro >>> >>  >>>HERE >>HERE >HERE

Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda – 2nd February 2014 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

SONORAS– a selection of compositions by female sonic artists, curated   by  Rosa Pérez . Part of  the  off _Hz  programme  >>> >> >> > off hz
First “ALIEN JAMS” mix of the year on Epiphany Eve. Chloe Frieda playing tracks from “Atomic Spy” @ nts London:
“Looks like its gonna be a dark, droney and depressing one! welcome 2014” – listen>> here
Mix 070 from SECRET THIRTEEN journal includes “Psi People” from “Nad Spiro vs. Enemigos the Helix” album. This compilation by Roel Meelkop connects 13 peculiar records released between 1992 and 2003…a kaleidoscopic sound world. listen  >> here

Nad Spiro live @THE OTHERS – LONDON N16
plus Arc Trio – Cloudier Skies – Kleppmusik

+ Rucksack Cinema  


Read an epic decoding of the A T O M I C  S P Y   CD by Harold Schellinx. From his SOUNDBLOG @ Harsmedia.
Text >> here
Nad Spiro’s live soundtrack for Xcéntric Cinema at last released. Ultra limited artist designed edition / available through GaSaG.
XcentriCity, the original live session of soundwork for Jim Jennings’s silent short films of New York City, now remastered.


Club Integral presents THE GEOMETRY OF FEAR:

Nad Spiro – Static Memories – Cloudier Skies – Raagnagrok

DJ Jules Webbcore / plus Rucksack Cinema    (from 8:30 pm)

AWKWARD MOVEMENTS – blog + Xmas 2012 Favorites radio show :

Nad Spiro on the air (- NTS RADIO LONDON -)

DARK OUTSIDE FM : 24 hours of music no one has heard before, broadcast to a place where no one may hear it: GALLOWAY FOREST, Scotland. Broadcast by Frenchbloke sat. 6th october : Spiro sounds transmitted


 Nad Spiro live @  The Guesthouse,  Shandon

info: THE AVANT FESTIVAL, Cork (ie)

 Cork’s auditory space july 2012

EXTENSIONS OF YOU : excursions into the AudioSphere.
Nad Spiro’s ongoing series of sensory auditory experiences of the city  / electric mutations in the magnetic urban membrane / sounds and music operating in a resonant instant channel.

AUDIO CITY / next episode: Cork's auditory space july 2012

atomic bandcamp

Long awaited new Nad Spiro album : ATOMIC SPYLISTEN NOW >>>

Limited run : 101 numbered copies

official distribution
Presented @ ARTE OÍDO Madrid (People like Us, Philip Jeck, Oval … )

Nad Spiro @ ARTE-OÍDO : 18  may  (+People like Us)

check out full programme: Philip Jeck, Oval …

MY CAT IS AN ALIEN  with special guest NAD SPIRO
Live in Madrid: LA CASA ENCENDIDA 29 04 12 20 h

Cat Spiro is an Alien

+  info: ROTOR

SPECTRA 2011 : 11S –  metalosis maligna – la biblia –  2083/hØrrØr ØslØ –  ufo&disinfo – atomic spy – chernobyl /radiofobia – astrokarate – escépticos eitb – strange attractor … & more

SPECTRA 11′ people : Mark Pilkington – Floris Kaayk – JG López Guix – Nad Spiro – Alex Z – MK Ibáñez  …

SPECTRA – a neoconsp meeting
Oct 26-27-28 -OctubreCCC –  Valencia
“VALLCARCA MON AMOUR” is an amateur film record of a vanished neighborhood in Barcelona, with buildings scheduled for demolition and human presence expelled. URBANICIDE, lost city, ghost city.
soundtrack  : Nad Spiro – image : La Dama De Vallcarca