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Análisis superdocumentado de Ignasi Moya en Cultura/s de LA VANGUARDIA (desde 1881) sobre “PEDRERES” LP :  ” Construcciones sonoras tan misteriosas como puedan serlo los espacios que evocan y las historias que esos espacios esconden… ”.  / “Sonic constructions as mysterious as the spaces they evoke and the stories those spaces hide…”.  Check out this article by Ignasi Moya, LA VANGUARDIA, Bcn (from 1881) >>>  MONTJUÏC EL SONIDO DE LA MONTAÑA





New album _ PEDRERES (LP) _  Nad Spiro’s guitar invocations and sonic explorations through the lost quarries of Montjuïc  >> Release page >> Special vinyl edition co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records.

Stream sounds >>

Next release P E D R E R E S” will be out on April 2020 in a special vinyl edition co-released by Geometrik and Munster Records / T U N N E L GUITARS & S P E C T R A L  LOOPS / Album prepararions with a dream team : Marc Valls (artwork), Mark Beazley (guest bass)& MK Ibáñez (txt)… Full info coming soon



ZARATA fest 2019 / edición MADRID / 27-28 sept Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Experimentación sonora y propuestas artísticas de difícil clasificación, incluida NAD SPIRO. Toda la programación >>>


LA TERRAZA MAGNÉTICA : transmisiones desde la azotea. Nad Spiro, ficción sonora en directo, al anochecer. La Casa Encendida, Madrid > programación ciclo de verano >>check>>

25/08/2019 Nad Spiro LIVE TRANSMISSIONS from La Casa Encendida’s roof terrace. SUNSET CONCERT








New Nad Spiro album release early next year, full details coming soon (special guest ?). Expect guitar blood : guitar explorations with fx pedals. SPECTRAL GUITARS with Tulpa overtones.

Vuelve ZARATA Fest! >>

Festival de música rara y afines // Musika bitxien eta antzekoen jaialdia // FESTIVAL OF WEIRD MUSIC AND THE LIKE

Check out 2018 bill, including Nad Spiro




Recordando a JM COSTA en MEDIALAB-PRADO :  Madrid 27 Oct. Participando en una intensa cita >> IN MEMORIAM JM COSTA

costa pixelado Medialab

Trobada de flâneuses, AUDIO_City!

KAMURA OBSCURA / NAD SPIRO live @ Convent St. Agustí – Barcelona – 18 maig > info >>



AUDIO-PROMENADE with headphones > Montjüic route over the harbour (Barcelona) listening to Sirius Signals CD.

AUDIO RUTA RECOMENDADA para Sirius Signals CD / Sesión psicogeográfica por Monjüic (ladera puerto).

Noise-cancelling headphones needed due to noisy traffic activity oops. Next route proposal : nocturnal version / audio ruta crepuscular.  


Sincere thanks to all broadcasters, djs and stations transmitting “Sirius Signals” >>  back on the air signalling across long distances >>

Krachwald, Sonic Imperfections, Adventures in Sound and Music, Club Integral, Alien Jams, Knee Deep, Atmósferas, Baja Frecuencia, Llums de Tumguska, Sounds and Emotions… / RADIOPHRENIA, Byte FM, ResonanceFM, RN3, Radio Pica, NTS … and Robin the Fog’s Foggy Favourites.


Nice sequence in this gallery of female music explorers (by Metrópolis – rtve)

Check out >>>



MADRID - 23 diciembre - XV Festival SONIKAS
CHRISTMAS SONIC ATTACK - live sonic agent Nad Spiro
Programa+ Info>> 
SIRIUS SIGNALS @ Puerto de Valparaíso  – FESTIVAL ACÉFALO  –  november 9th – Acousmatic event: SIRIUS SIGNALS sonic diffusion over Valparaíso’s harbour space. Originally created by Nad Spiro in Cork, these fictional radiowaves and harbour sonics will be heard in Valparaíso / ghost speakers and spectral images provided by Acéfalo Team / ( XX Bienal Chilena de Arquitectura y Urbanismo )

Festival ACÉFALO 2017: concierto acusmático “SIRIUS SIGNALS” > “Ensamble de altavoces e imágenes fugaces asomando en el puerto de Valparaíso. Interacción Fantasmal entre Puertos”  :   Audio-Esfera portuaria  ( Cork – Valpo )/ NAD SPIRO

9 de noviembre : explanada del Parque Cultural de Valparaíso como parte de la XX Bienal de Arquitectura y Diseño – CHILE.


SIRIUS SIGNALS CD reviewed in THE WIRE by J.Stannard (The Outer Church): “Arruti is responsible for some essential uncanny transmissions and chilly vignettes that certainly fit the hauntological bill… ..Sirius Signals would in fact be an ideal enhancement to any long, dark, lonesome night of the soul.” THE WIRE 405

Interesting hauntological link, after all radio is the “ghost-medium”.(In Memoriam – Mark Fisher : 1968-2017)

Imaginary radio signals and sonic fictions by Nad Spiro exploring the ether + harbour audiosphere /”SIRIUS SIGNALS” available on >> FARPOINT RECORDINGS (Ireland)

Hand numbered edition of 300 cds /fold out card booklet featuring special Artwork & Notes +info

Próximo directo en el festival LEM > 11 octubre – La Sedeta- Barcelona > consultar info programa > LEM .

Copias disponibles de nuevo disco SIRIUS SIGNALS
(Farpoint Recordings) recién llegadas de Irlanda.

One-off Spiro session for Alien Jams radio show on NTS Radio London. The podcast is now uploaded >> listen online >> New Spiro included in this mixtape.

DARK OUTSIDE FM 2017: 5th Birthday

24 hours one-off transmission of unheard music in a dark Scottish forest, this year featuring Delia Derbyshire… –  GALLOWAY FOREST DARK SKY PARK, Scotland >> 23-24th sept.

feat. unheard Spiro sounds as well … bring your portable radio !

My privilege to have a guitar part on new record by chanteuse Florence Raynaud (producteur: Rob Storey) >> listen “Singes” via >> DIVINE AGENCY



HARBOUR AUDIOSPHERE – transmission codes, navigation narratives, signal stations and audio connections in the fog.

OUT NOW – Cassette release on SLOOW TAPES : live collaboration by MY CAT IS AN ALIEN and NAD SPIRO / “LA CASA ENCENDIDA” CS60 with introductory words by MK IBÁÑEZ >>Limited to 100 copies >> “Another blast from the alien void” info >>


tags: telepathy, alien technology, aural communication, humitas
Painting by Roberto Opalio

17 de diciembre : sesión en MEDIALAB – PRADO :  Madrid

Encuentro con Nad Spiro… audición + conversación + info >>> Última cita del año

Celebrating the relaunch of SILENT RECORDS (San Francisco) / Contributing one Spiro track to FHTT VOL.7 (dark disc) featuring 24 artists >> check out >>    30 years of Silent Records: lengendary sonic ambients and mental explorations.  Limited edition t-shirts available too.


RADIO AS AN ART FORM. Radiophrenia: temporary radio art station broadcasting across Glasgow. 87.9 FM. 29 Agst.-11Sept 2016

Featuring NAD SPIRO TRANSMISSIONS / Sirius Radio Waves >>> Imaginary signals from Cork’s Harbour (Sirius Arts Center) radio-fi