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OUT NOW – Cassette release on SLOOW TAPES : live collaboration by MY CAT IS AN ALIEN and NAD SPIRO / “LA CASA ENCENDIDA” CS60 with introductory words by MK IBÁÑEZ >>Limited to 100 copies >> “Another blast from the alien void” info >>


tags: telepathy, alien technology, aural communication, humitas
Painting by Roberto Opalio

NAD SPIRO + MARK PILKINGTON duo: a spatial session part of the MARCIANADAS summer programme @ LCE ‘s  roof terrace.  TERRAZA –  La Casa Encendida SUNDAY, July 19th – Madrid


Incursions into the Cosmos : exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Mark Pilkington presenting MIRAGE MEN documentary. Nad Spiro joining him for a live special music set next july. Details soon.

SPECTRA 2011 : 11S –  metalosis maligna – la biblia –  2083/hØrrØr ØslØ –  ufo&disinfo – atomic spy – chernobyl /radiofobia – astrokarate – escépticos eitb – strange attractor … & more

SPECTRA 11′ people : Mark Pilkington – Floris Kaayk – JG López Guix – Nad Spiro – Alex Z – MK Ibáñez  …

SPECTRA – a neoconsp meeting
Oct 26-27-28 -OctubreCCC –  Valencia
don’t miss SPECTRA 2010 / 22-23 ABRIL / OCCC VALENCIA
Skepta – Chaos Computer club 23 – Operation Ear – Ultrabrutal – Erratik Institut Berlin – Voodoo Haarp – Mediademia – Weekly World News – AngstpOp – Reptilians in Valencia
Consulta nombres y horarios / check out names and timetables

Listen now to “EL PROGRAMA”, the classic radio play by pOp EyE sPy:
18 minutes version of the legendary radio piece about pOp EyE sPy‘s music and the Remote Mind Control Experience: sonic mental conditioning , CIA experimental Program#5,  extreme aural effects, psi triggers … all the classic P.E.S. stuff.

original music & txt by pOp EyE sPy ( Rosa Arruti aka Nad Spiro + Mike Ibañez) (2001) / plus final extract from Rollerball’s “Corporative Anthem”

presented @ Spectra, april 2009 –

broadcasted also on Radio Praceres, Universidad Valparaiso etc …


$PECTRA CONSPIRANOIA BRAINSTORM :a programme full of lectures, screenings, unclassified documents, books and sonic events dealing on conspiranoia culture (or counter-culture) .

This year topics : politics – paranoia – outerspace – tv
Full program + infos :
Spectra 09  Symposium : 2-3-4 April : Valencia :  OctubreCCC

Robin Ramsay, Ken Hollings, My Cat is an Alien, Craig Baldwin’s Mock Up On Mu…
$PECTRA 09 music theme : NAD SPIRO

Primer Simposium Mundial sobre Teoría(s) de la Conspiración – 17 , 18 y 19 de abril –  Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània
Sant Ferran, 12  – VALENCIA

full program Vagina Dentata Organ, Joan Fontcuberta, etc