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First “ALIEN JAMS” mix of the year on Epiphany Eve. Chloe Frieda playing tracks from “Atomic Spy” @ nts London:
“Looks like its gonna be a dark, droney and depressing one! welcome 2014” – listen>> here
Mix 070 from SECRET THIRTEEN journal includes “Psi People” from “Nad Spiro vs. Enemigos the Helix” album. This compilation by Roel Meelkop connects 13 peculiar records released between 1992 and 2003…a kaleidoscopic sound world. listen  >> here

Read an epic decoding of the A T O M I C  S P Y   CD by Harold Schellinx. From his SOUNDBLOG @ Harsmedia.
Text >> here

AWKWARD MOVEMENTS – blog + Xmas 2012 Favorites radio show :

Nad Spiro on the air (- NTS RADIO LONDON -)

DARK OUTSIDE FM : 24 hours of music no one has heard before, broadcast to a place where no one may hear it: GALLOWAY FOREST, Scotland. Broadcast by Frenchbloke sat. 6th october : Spiro sounds transmitted