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“EXTENSIONS OF YOU VOL. 1”  new album by NADIA SPIER Vs. NAD SPIRO /november 2014.

Available as limited edition Artprint+ CD  from >> GaSaG <<tunnel records

Edition of 51 copies in an exclusive hand folded artprint (Marc Valls)

Nadia Spier + Nad Spiro : sonic agents
Audio City : sounds
Mark Beazley : mastering

A project by Rosa Arruti (2014 versions of herself)

EXTENSIONS OF YOU – excursions into the Audio-Sphere.
Sensory experiences of the city collected in an album of
reinterpretations and remixes of urban sound-archives .

NADIA SPIER + NAD SPIRO merge into the sonic environment with music and sounds resonating in the simultaneous auditory channel : instant electric mutations in the magnetic urban membrane. Tune in to the AUDIO CITY



THE WIRE magazine’s daytime adventures on air.

NTS radio/LONDON”: “ReWired”

“Few artists get us this excited with a new release, but then again there’s only a select few constantly peaking our interest, and a select few who’s sound remains distinctly their own with every release.” AWKWARD MOVEMENTS nov. 2014







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