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THE WIRE 438 >> “These resonating washes of processed guitar are extremely evocative of a landscape created by industry and subsequently claimed by folklore. Even if the supernatural qualities of Montjuïc’s quarries remain uncertain, Pedreres leaves no doubt about their sheer eeriness” – Spenser Tomson. SPECTRUM CULTURE >> “Pedreres is meditative and uneasy listening, but it’s also densely layered and pleasingly slow to unfold its patterns and structures, rewarding and often unexpectedly beautiful” – Scott Wilson. TOUCHING EXTREMES > “We are left wandering inside the realms of sonorities that would perfectly fit in a lysergically active installation, minus the pills. A conscious observation of the intrinsic possibilities of unusually splintered timbres eventually leads to the osmotic absorption of their very transfiguration”. – Massimo Ricci .